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Jan 16 - Mar 7, 2024 / Steven Gately Gallery, Francis Marion University, Florence, SC
Closing Reception & Artist Talk: Mar 7, 2024 - 5:30pm

Impulsive acquisitions, giving and receiving, a sense of what is deserved, owed, and only right, WANT MORE elevates surfaces into seductive invitations and mysterious points of inquiry.


Through repetitive investigations of motives and materials, objects are offered up to be scrutinized, quantified, and assigned value. Grids feature heavily, embracing the multiple as a nod to historical printing processes as they dominate the space.


Building upon the intimacy of presence, ritual, and obsession, objects are preoccupied with surface texture, quality, and variety then positioned for viewing as the ultimate, and optimal, pleasure.


Color is vice. Removing the compulsion toward a full-spectrum palette, a singular color obsession is achieved. This exclusive, vibrant hue is exalted into a visual indulgence, collecting the space into a cohesive movement where forms and elements become relentlessly, satisfyingly objectified.


Leaning heavily on accumulation, technique, dedicated line quality, and a meticulous process, WANT MORE entices the viewer into taking equal gratification in the knowing and eternal search for more.


— Myles Calvert + Tamara LaValla

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