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Table of Contents

  • A Colorist: One That Colors or Deals with Color by Ella Valborg Sigudardottir

  • Layer Upon Layer by Roy Willingham

  • Color as Memory by Emily Ketteringham

  • Color as an Environmental Indicator by Elizabeth Rose

  • Colored Woodcuts and Egg Tempera: A Kinship  by Donna Day Westerman

  • A Confluence of Color by Cathie Crawford

  • The Variant Narratives of Color by Prachi Sahasrabudhe

  • So Saturated, It Hurts by Myles Calvert

  • The Artist’s Lunch by Liliana Esteban

  • Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Illusive Color by Suzanne Klein

  • New Theories in Color: RGB to RGB by Carrina Parraman

  • Narrative Color by Wuon-Gean Ho

  • Drawing Multi-plate Color Aquatints by Stephen McMillan

  • Let the Colors Sing by Kathryn Greenwald

  • Layering Color Using Viscosity by Katherine Levin-Lau

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